Recent Transactions

Blanket Mortgage for $600,000

A loan and blanket mortgage for $600,000 secured by three rental properties located in Fishtown and Northern Liberties. The borrower used the loan proceeds to acquire other properties and complete other projects.

Rehab Loan for $100,000

A loan for $100,000 secured by a mortgage against the property located in Newbold being rehabbed which was previously acquired by the contractor for $150,000.

Bridge Loan for $75,000

A bridge loan and mortgage for $75,000 secured by a mortgage against a rental property located near Temple University purchased for $140,000.

Bridge Loan for $850,000

A bridge loan and mortgage for $850,000 secured by a first mortgage against a commercial property in New Jersey and a first mortgage against a multi-family property in Philadelphia, PA.

Loan Guidelines

Principal Amount

Loans starting at $60,000 with up to 70% Loan-to-Value (LTV).

Interest Rate

Interest rates are between 10% to 16% per annum.

Origination Fee

Origination fees are between 2-6 points.

Loan Term

Loan terms are between 6-18 months.

No Prepayment Penalty

There are no prepayment penalties. In some transactions, a minimum interest payment of three month's interest must be paid if the loan is repaid within three months of its funding.


All loans, terms, and rates are subject to the quality of the collateral and borrower.

Investment Property Guidelines

Property Types

  • Single Family (investment only, no personal residences)
  • Multi-Family
  • Mixed-Use
  • Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses

First Mortgage

All loans secured by first mortgage on investment real estate. All real estate taxes must be paid and no other liens can encumber the collateral without prior written approval.